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Challenging Wildlife, Professional Solutions

Is wildlife challenging your patience, threating your property, investments, or health? Call Trifecta Wildlife Services to regain your peace of mind with our professional resolution of your wildlife issue.

We are your source for Lexington and Central KY wildlife control, management, and wild animal removal services.

Our Services

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Residential Services

Strange sounds, scratching, odors, burrows, damage, or threats in or around your home? Your home is your sanctuary, not an animal sanctuary. We inspect, identify, and resolve these and other residential wildlife issues.

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Farm & Agricultural Services

Seeking solutions for crop or livestock depredation, or hoping to reduces risks of disease transmission to your horses or other animals? We provide a variety of wildlife and predator management strategies to protect your investments.

  • Coyote Trapping
  • Groundhog Removal
  • Beaver Trapping
  • Skunk Removal
  • Snake Removal
  • Chipmunk Removal
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Commercial Services

Wild animals in a place of business are often accompanied by increased liability and hazards for your operations, employees, and customers. We inspect and address diverse commercial wildlife issues to protect your business.

  • Dead Animal Removal
  • Animal Damage Repair
  • Wildlife Removal
  • Bird Removal
  • Snake Removal
  • And More...

What our Clients are Saying ...

  • "Wonderful service and very informative. I would not use any other service. Not only trapped the animal but also repaired the hole the animal created to get into the attic." - Mary B.

  • "Prompt service, clear instructions were given regarding my Bird Shock System. I was so thrilled to find a way to keep the birds off my deck and even more thrilled that the deck was cleaned up after the installation. Great job, thank you!" -Lou Ann D.

  • "If anyone has any issues with critters trying to share your living space, I would like to highly recommend Chad! He's very thorough, professional, knowledgeable, and reasonably priced. He was even able to do repairs to our squirrel-damaged soffits and HVAC as well as some preventative measures to keep us from turning into a wayward home for wildlife. Great to work with!" - Kim R.

  • "Very professional. Seemed really passionate about what he does. Cared about doing a good job. Was not a salesman and tried to push work at you like some people do. Was very generous. Nice guy and excellent job." - John F.

  • "Chad Soard offered to help me catch what we thought was a coyote killing my chickens. Another trapper had taken my $200 deposit and was not seen again. Chad thought that it appeared to be a feline predator, such as a feral cat. Then I saw two bobcats in my yard chasing after the chickens. He caught a coyote, raccoons, and the bobcat. Chad was very patient, conscientious and explained what he was doing and why. He is very professional and is an expert in most wildlife (even those pesky moles in my yard) and I would not hesitate to recommend him." - Ellen Allen of Simple Gifts Farm, Lexington, Kentucky